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Saint Seiya OC by Purple-Hurricane Saint Seiya OC by Purple-Hurricane
Helloooooo everyoneeee!!!
Well, cuz I'm freaking out because of my exams I decide to... draw. Yeah... It make so perfect sense... But, hey! It's sooo relaxing!
And that's how I redraw my beloved OC from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (This anime and manga is my absolutely no.1)
This is Senza - Felis Bronze Saint. (Yeah, she has Cat Cloth! Aaaaaand it still makes sense, cuz Cat Constellation existed in XVIII century! ;3 [but later on someone forgot about it and... well, now we don't have it X'D])
She is my cutie pie - I made her when I was around 14 y.o. so it will be 6 years now <3 Look of her cloth still changes, but now I'm pretty happy about how it looks ;3
I feel kinda shy about introducing her... idk why... X'D But I have to be brawe, right? ;w;
So here are some info:
Age: 15
Heigh: 164cm
Place of birth: Italy
Date of birth: 30.05
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Master: Gemini Aspros (till she was 13), Aquarius Degel (since 13 till now)
She came to the Sanctuary when she was 5 y.o. (I already had a story for her, but it needs some refresh, ya know ;3 )
Her friends are my friends OCs X'D and Regulus. She likes him very much~ (He reminds me type of person who will do something stupid if you won't take care of him X'D)
She is wery kind an warm person, and she loves to draw <3
So please, enjoy <3
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